Raw material

High quality coffee begins with the bean

Good coffee begins with the cultivation. In order to get the best beans, we purchase the right types and qualities for our various segments directly from the coffee-markets: In New York for Arabica and in London for Robusta types. We purchase the raw materials for our premium products from specific merchants – people we have known for many years and who are known for their access to goods of a particularly high quality and pure varieties.

production without additives

Our coffee is not processed industrially and has no additives.

drum roasting

The coffee is roasted gently and slowly for 17-20 minutes in hot air of about 220°C.

O‘CCAFFÈ certified

Our company is certified according to ISO 9001 and IFS

The attention to detail in the composition of the mixture, in the selection of raw materials and the processing.


The strenght is to be found in the rest

Aroma is a flighty creature. It only unfolds fully when it is treated gently. Our decades of experience shows: It makes a huge difference whether coffee beans are roasted at 500°C for three minutes or gently at 220°C for 17-20 minutes. The difference may not appear to be that big at first, but the flavour speaks for itself. Due to the slow drum roasting without additives such as

water and flavourings, we create a coffee with fewer bitter substances that is roasted to the core. The coffee is then cleaned again and left to rest in aroma silos for one to three days. This is the one thing we have learned over the years: only patience helps to unfold the full strength of the coffee.

Times may change, good craftsmanship not!

The right bean makes the coffee

Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Colombia, Peru, Uganda and Vietnam