Policy of social and ethical responsibility

Italvi srl., is a company dedicated to the roasting and packaging of coffee, with registered office and production site in Via Trebbia n. 21-Latina.

The entire process takes place at the site: from the receipt of raw materials, roasting, packaging and storage of finished products before sale to the customer.
The products are obtained through the direct processing of raw materials, purchased from selected and qualified suppliers; the packaged coffee beans or ground coffee is intended for public exercises for the administration or family consumption.

Italvi srl pays particular attention to aspects related to social and ethical responsibility: it has, in fact, long been aware that a serene, rewarding and consolidated working environment has a significant effect on the well-being of all those who carry out work activities. For this reason it has chosen to comply with all the requirements for an ethically correct behaviour of the companies and of the production chain towards the workers.

Objectives that Italvi srl intends to pursue are:
■ Commitment to comply with local, national and other applicable laws (including ILO conventions, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international human rights covenants and conventions), prevailing industry standards, and other requirements to which the organization adheres;
■ Seek to consolidate an environment in which employees are placed in the best possible conditions to carry out their work by fostering a serene, welcoming and stimulating company climate in which everyone can make their contribution to the improvement of the company;
■ Obtain approval for projects engaged in continuing education for workers;
■ Improve internal communication, to try to break down any conditions of fear and awe that lead to hide situations of social discomfort and bring out issues that otherwise could not be addressed or resolved;
■ Improve communication to stakeholders through alternative communication tools;
■ Implement and maintain a Safety Management System;
■ Intensify communications and meetings with Workers' Representatives and union representatives;
■ Guarantee the traceability of its supply chain in accordance with EU Reg. 178/02;
■ To improve the conditions of workers throughout the production chain by involving its suppliers in compliance with the requirements of Social Responsibility and ethics;
■ to pursue environmental conservation activities through the identification of all the environmental aspects and impacts related to its activities, the consequent operational control and the research of more and more innovative technologies in order to minimize the sources of pollution;
■ Develop a culture of continuous improvement aimed at reducing environmental impacts;
■ Comply with applicable laws and regulations and other subscribed environmental requirements;
■ avoid waste of water and energy, committing to provide for the use of renewable sources;

The social responsibility system is characterized by compliance with the following requirements:

Child Labor: Only workers over the age of 18 who are not required to attend school are employed by the Company. The Company does not and will not allow the employment of young workers or child labor.

Forced or compulsory labor: All persons employed by the company perform their work voluntarily.

Health and Safety: Safety plays a central role in the company's activities; a safe and healthy workplace must be guaranteed for workers or anyone else who may be involved in the company's activities. All necessary resources have been allocated to ensure that any accident is avoided by removing the causes of danger.

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining: The freedom of each worker to form, join and organize with unions of his or her choice and the right to collective bargaining are respected. The Company effectively informs personnel of this right and ensures that employee representatives are not discriminated against.

Discrimination: equal opportunities are guaranteed to the people who work in the Company and all forms of discrimination are excluded.

Gender equality: gender equality and empowerment of women is ensured.

Disciplinary procedures: the existing disciplinary practices are exclusively those provided for in the applied CCNL and are aimed, in respect of personal integrity, at fostering respect and a spirit of collaboration among workers, safeguarding and protecting the moral integrity and rights of each individual.

Working hours: the ordinary working week is in line with the provisions of the CCNL. Overtime work is voluntary and is remunerated in accordance with the CCNL.

Remuneration: Each worker shall receive remuneration commensurate with the quantity and quality of his or her work and in any case sufficient to ensure a decent existence for himself or herself and his or her family. Wage compositions shall be detailed in writing for each pay period and compensation paid in the form most favorable to the worker.

Preparation of a supplier control plan: Procedures for selecting suppliers based on their ability to meet requirements have been defined and implemented.

Definition of how to carry out the internal review, as a management tool to periodically verify the effectiveness of the system implemented to the requirements of the standard, assess its adequacy and appropriateness.

Adoption of an internal communication plan to make company performance data regarding the requirements of the standard known to interested parties.

Communication to the workers of the possibility, from everyone of them, to introduce complaint to the company through the possibility to insert anonymous communications inside the BOXES OF THE COMPANY COMPLAINTS.

Adoption of an eternal communication plan to make stakeholders aware of business performance data regarding the requirements of the standard.
Communication to stakeholders of the possibility, by each of them, to submit a complaint to the company by sending an e-mail to info@italvi.it or anonymously in the mailbox using the reporting form that can be downloaded from the site.

Italvi srl undertakes to regularly review its social responsibility policy, the other policies and procedures adopted to apply the Standard and the performance results, with a view to continuous improvement. Full authority is given to the Chief Executive Officer to disseminate the guidelines and guiding principles of this policy, establish objectives, clearly define their implementation schedules, and continuously monitor progress.