Cream and Aroma 100% Arabica coffee beans - 3 x 1000g

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Spedizioni RapidePagamenti Sicuri
Qualità ItalianaAbbonati & Risparmia

Coffee beans Occaffè Crema e Aroma 100% Arabica 3 x 1000g

Discover the sublime harmony of flavors in Occaffè Crema e Aroma 100% Arabica coffee beans, offered in a convenient 3 x 1000g pack, signed by the prestigious O'ccaffè brand. This fine coffee is the result of the perfect fusion of three different varieties of arabica coffee, which together create a dense, sweet blend with a light acidity, leaving an enveloping liquorice aftertaste.

Main features:

  • Blend of three arabica coffees
  • Dense and with a natural sweetness
  • Light acidity for a balanced taste
  • Enveloping liquorice aftertaste
  • Pack of 3 x 1000g for a prolonged experience

Each bean of this coffee is carefully grown and selected, guaranteeing the highest quality and an unmistakable taste. Artisanal roasting brings out the unique aromas of each Arabica variety, resulting in a cup of coffee that is an extraordinary sensory experience.

Surprise yourself with the dense and enveloping taste of Occaffè Crema e Aroma 100% Arabica coffee beans. Its natural sweetness blends with a light acidity, creating a perfect balance that will delight your palate with every sip. And at the end of this taste experience, the pleasant aftertaste of liquorice will win you over.

With the 3 x 1000g pack, you will be able to enjoy this fine coffee for a long time, without worrying about having to refill it frequently. Ideal for large families, offices or for true coffee lovers who always want to have a supply on hand.

Treat yourself to the best of Italian coffee. Choose O'ccaffè and let yourself be won over by the perfection of this arabica blend.

3 packs of 1000g


Passion and Made in Italy

Craftsmanship and love for tradition, the result is an extraordinary Italian coffee that we love to drink


We have traveled all over the world, got inspired and perfected our recipes

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Since the early 80s in search of the perfect blend, driven by the great love for good coffee

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"An excellent Italian coffee that we ourselves have the pleasure of drinking"


"A perfect coffee to drink and to make desserts for young and old"