Who we are

Who we are

O'ccaffè is a coffee roasting company born in Latina in 1986.
The company was born from the Vivenzio brothers' passion for coffee in the first courses

1980 - Today

In the early 80s, we, the Vivenzio brothers, driven by a great love for good coffee, had an idea: "Why not roast and create the perfect blend ourselves?" This was the first step that led to the foundation of our Italvì roasting plant located a few kilometers south of Rome.

In search of the perfect coffee blend, we traveled the world, got inspired and perfected our recipes.

A Family Tradition

Today our children continue to carry on the family business, now in its second generation. We passed on our roasting to him, together with the craftsmanship and our passion for coffee. The need to renew and transform the company leads to the production of a new range of products and a new packaging.

Impegno sociale e responsabilità etica

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The creation of a good coffee starts with cultivation. To obtain our blends, we select the best coffee beans from plantations around the world and buy directly from the main coffee markets: New York for Arabica and London for Robusta varieties.


The aroma is a fickle creature: it is fully revealed only when treated with delicacy. Our decades of experience teach us that there is a big difference between roasting coffee beans at 500 degrees for 3 minutes and slowly roasting them at 220 degrees for approximately 17-20 minutes. The difference may appear not so significant, but the aroma itself speaks volumes: through slow drum roasting without additives such as water and flavourings, we have created a coffee with as few bitter substances as possible, roasted from the core.​

The coffee is then cleaned again and left to rest in silos for one to three days. This is what we have learned over the years: only patience helps to fully reveal the full strength of coffee.

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