Coffee with ice: origins and the original recipe in 5 steps


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The history of iced coffee

From Vietnam to Salento, passing through Australia and Chile, the journey of ice coffee , also known as Lecce coffee, has been long and fascinating!

Coffee with ice , also known as Leccese coffee due to its popularity in the Apulian city, is a fresh and typically summer drink, whose origins date back to ancient times.

We can say that iced coffee traveled around the world before arriving in Italy . Despite the numerous existing variations, there are two fundamental ingredients that cannot be missing: espresso and ice.

Coffee with Ice: The Fresh Summer Delight to Prepare in 5 Simple Steps

Coffee with ice is a summer drink that refreshes the hottest days and delights the palates of adults and children. Let's find out together how to prepare this tasty delight in a few simple steps.

Ingredients for iced coffee

Coffee ingredients with ice

Step 1 - The Perfect Base: A Strong and Aromatic Coffee

The secret to obtaining an intensely flavored ice coffee is to start from a strong and aromatic coffee base. Prepare an espresso using quality, freshly ground coffee beans. The classic O'ccaffè espresso will be the key to giving your iced coffee that enveloping and satisfying taste that makes it irresistible.

Step 2 - Sweetness to taste: Add sugar to taste

Everyone has their own tastes, so add sugar to your coffee according to your preferences. Stir well to make sure it dissolves completely into the coffee. Remember that by adding ice, the coffee will become lighter and diluted, so a little extra sweetness might be the perfect choice.

Step 3 - Magic Cooling: Use Fresh Ice Cubes

Make some fresh ice cubes straight out of the freezer. This step is essential to ensure that the cubes do not melt completely, but gently cool the coffee without overly diluting it. A trick to keep your drink cold without losing flavour!

Step 4 - Alcoholic Variants: A Touch of Elegance

If you want to give your iced coffee a touch of elegance, you can create an alcoholic variant by adding fine liqueurs. Try two teaspoons of vanilla liqueur for a sweet and fragrant note, or amaretto for a more intense flavour. If you prefer a stronger coffee note, you can opt for whiskey cream such as the famous Baileys. Get inspired and create your own alcoholic variant to satisfy your palate.

Step 5 - Customize to your liking: Explore New Flavors

Every iced coffee enthusiast has the opportunity to explore new flavors and combinations. Add a touch of cinnamon for a spicy note, or a dusting of cocoa for a stronger flavor. If you want to indulge in a tasty experience, try adding a dollop of whipped cream or a spoonful of coffee ice cream. Let your imagination run wild and discover new combinations that will enhance your iced coffee.

Coffee with Ice: A Summer Delight for All Tastes

Coffee with ice is a versatile drink that is suitable for multiple occasions. It is the perfect choice for cooling off during hot summer days, whether in the garden or on the beach. But it is not just a summer drink, it can also be a special treat in winter, perhaps accompanied by a homemade dessert. Its unique and enveloping flavor conquers palates of all ages, from adults to children. Share your passion for iced coffee with friends and family and organize a tasty meeting, where you can exchange tips and tricks to customize the drink according to your tastes.

coffee with ice

Conclusions: A Coffee with Ice, a Journey of Flavors

Ice coffee, also known as Leccese coffee due to its popularity in Salento, has made a fascinating journey from distant lands to the heart of Italy. Its exotic origins have mixed with local traditions, giving life to a fresh and irresistible drink. The preparation of coffee with ice is simple but refined, with attention paid to choosing the best ingredients. Explore new flavors and alcoholic variations to personalize your iced coffee experience, and share your passion with those around you. With every sip, savor the encounter between the heat of the espresso and the freshness of the ice cubes, a journey of flavors that will delight you in every season.