Shaked coffee: the recipe to prepare at home


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Shaked coffee is a classic option for the summer season , an indispensable drink during hot afternoon days. It is a cold version of the traditional mocha or espresso coffee , much loved for its energizing and refreshing ability.

The preparation of shaken coffee requires few ingredients : it starts with a good boiling coffee which is poured into a shaker together with ice cubes and liquid sugar. Afterwards, it is shaken quickly and poured into a glass, thus creating a delicious drink with a dense and compact foam.

You can customize the flavor of your shaken coffee by adding spices, creams or liqueurs , such as a touch of cinnamon, a few drops of vanilla extract, a little rum or a little eggnog.

Here we offer you a recipe based on espresso coffee, but if you prefer you can easily use the moka as an alternative.

Ingredients for shaken coffee

Ingredients for your shaken coffee

How to prepare shaken coffee

In the art of creating shaken coffee , every step is an opportunity to express creativity and passion. By carefully following the following steps, you will be able to immerse yourself in a sensorial journey through unique tastes, aromas and textures, culminating in savoring an irresistibly delicious shaken coffee.

Step 1: The perfect base

Start your journey towards the perfect shaken coffee by preparing two intense and slightly long espressos. Let your creativity express itself in the method you prefer, whether it is a traditional coffee maker or a modern automatic machine. The key is to get a rich coffee base, which will form the heart of your masterpiece. Remember, though, that attention to detail is essential: every drop counts. After you get your coffees, give them time to cool completely. This is a crucial step to ensure that the aromas develop fully and that the subsequently added ice does not alter their intensity.

Step 2: The refreshing element

Get ready to give a touch of freshness to your creation. Carefully place the ice cubes inside the shaker or a jar with a lid. These small pieces of ice will bring a note of liveliness and lightness to your coffee , transforming it into a perfect drink to counteract hot days or to give you a pleasant refreshing break.

Step 3: The moment of union

Now it's time to create harmony between the heat of the coffee and the freshness of the ice. Carefully and precisely, pour the two cooled espressos directly onto the ice cubes in the shaker . This combination will create an intriguing blend, where contrasts blend into a symphony of taste.

Step 4: The right balance

Taste is personal territory, and your shaken coffee is no exception. To add a touch of sweetness, you have the freedom to choose if and how much sugar you want to use. This step allows you to modulate the flavor of the shaken coffee according to your tastes and the level of sweetness you prefer. Remember that the goal is to balance the coffee flavor with sweetness without overpowering its complexity.

Step 5: The art of enrichment

And now, it's time to add the element of surprise to your shaken coffee . Choose your favorite liqueur from the various options available, such as rum, coffee , chocolate or nut liqueur. This step will add layers of flavor and depth to your coffee , creating a drink that stimulates both the palate and the imagination.

Step 6: The energy of agitation

Carefully close the shaker or jar with the lid, preparing for a moment of energy and creativity. Shake vigorously for about 15-20 seconds, until the ingredients blend into a symphony of flavors and aromas. Stirring is a powerful gesture, transforming individual ingredients into one deliciously frothy entity.

Step 7: The presentation

Take a moment to admire your liquid masterpiece. Gracefully pour the shaken coffee into a glass or cocktail glass. Aesthetics are as important as flavour, and presentation is the final touch that completes your sensory journey.

Step 8: A touch of aesthetics

If you want to elevate the experience even further, you can spruce up your shaken coffee with a sprinkling of cocoa powder or cinnamon. This small gesture will add a touch of visual refinement and a subtle aroma that invites you to discover the underlying taste.

Step 9: Time to enjoy

Finally, the moment you've been waiting for: raise your glass and give yourself the privilege of enjoying your delicious shaken coffee . Each sip will be a unique experience, in which the cold of the ice, the depth of the coffee and the character of the liqueur intertwine in a dance of sensations on the palate.

In conclusion, shaken coffee is not just a drink, but an ever-evolving work of art. Each step is a canvas on which you can paint your creativity and personal tastes. Experiment, explore new liquor combinations and discover how every little detail can influence the overall experience. With passion and dedication, you will be able to create a shaken coffee that not only satisfies your palate, but becomes a memorable experience to share with friends and family.